Parent Voices


It’s very reassuring knowing that your children are learning from exceptional teachers who regard early education as the start of their formal education and are committed and passionate. The kinder has a great community feel and provides an exceptional learning environment – Sarah

Vista Valley offers so much variety for the children, they are always engaged and learning different things. It’s such a friendly environment and all three of my girls have been excited to come every year, with no problems settling in – Alli

Vista Valley Kindergarten is regarded as one of the best in Bulleen. My three boys have attended the kinder. The quality is of a high standard, with staff educating the children and making their day fun, comfortable and joyful – Olympia

Teachers are responsive to the children – whatever tangents the kids go off on, staff are always interested and validating and have an amazing ability to link the children back into the topic of the day – Claire

The supportive environment at Vista Valley Kindergarten has allowed my shy son to discover the great joy (and life tool) that is collaborative imagination. Each day I look forward to hearing what fantastic scenario he and his new friends have invented for themselves as they play with toys carefully selected to prompt creativity in the kinder’s natural surroundings – Tamara

During his first year at Vista Valley, I was thrilled to see the opportunity to explore the sciences offered to my son every single week within the changing program of activities. I love that his teachers ask open-ended questions and take the time to explore with the students, allowing each child to develop a taste for scientific query at an individual pace – Parent (B.Sc, B.C.S. Uni Melbourne)